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Our team of registered nurses, carers, and support workers is here to empower you to live a life of opportunity, dignity, and independence.

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Living with complex needs shouldn’t mean compromising on your dreams, quality of life, or losing control. Scarlet Homecare’s suite of NDIS disability services can give you or your loved one the support to live life to the fullest and thrive in the community.

Each Scarlet Homecare disability support worker is specifically chosen for their ability to relate to participants. All support workers must meet our high expectations of superior healthcare and supportive ongoing service.
At Scarlet Homecare, we believe in providing the best possible community nursing to the people of Adelaide. Our team of caring, highly trained nurses help create an environment that nurtures, empowers and respects each individual and helps them understand their value.
We understand that people require different levels of day-to-day support. Supported Independent Living is when certain participants may need supervision and assistance with their daily tasks. The goal of Supported Independent Living is to help our participants live a life that is as independent as possible in delightful, pleasant and comfortable shared and short stay accommodation.
At Scarlet Homecare, we provide comfortable and safe specialist disability accommodations (SDA) to help promote the independence of those with a disability. With permanent accommodation available, we enable people that require extra support the chance to live dignified and happy lives.
Our Hospital Discharge Program assists Adelaide’s Hospitals in the prompt and successful discharge of vulnerable clients into the community.

What it’s like to work
with Scarlet Homecare.

Scarlet Homecare got me this chair to go outside. Cause I’ve been inside for about 35 years. When I went outside for the first time, I couldn’t believe how big my plants had got. It nearly brought me to tears.

Michael Zammit

NDIS Participant

Why settle for less?
98% of our clients partner with us for life.

At Scarlet Homecare, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive NDIS high quality supports for those that need it most. No matter the level of care that our participants require, we are trained to create a supportive environment that helps participants maintain a daily routine beneficial to their development.


Care Specialists

Your well-being should always come first. To us, that means having a team of trained experts ready to ensure your needs are always being met.



You deserve a dedicated support team so you can build lasting relationships that provide the support you need to live with confidence and with dignity.



You should never feel alone. With Scarlet Homecare, you will have 24/7 support from our experienced staff.

No Hidden


We practice transparent pricing and only charge for booked services- never for mileage or extra communications.

Holistic Risk


Our proactive approach to risk assessment means that we address the safety and well-being by seeing the whole person, not just the job at hand.



Your loved ones are part of the team. Scarlet Homecare will make communication easy, and ensure that everyone is always up-to-date with important information.

Your voice matters. We're here to listen.

We understand that each one of our participants are different and unique individuals, with their own preferences and life goals. We’re here to help you realise your aspirations, no matter what form they take.

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vacancies to find your ideal
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At Scarlet Homecare, our accommodation are designed to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, this property is a sanctuary for comfort, security, and independence. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this accommodation truly special.

The interior design of Scarlet Homecare accomodation, featuring a living room with a wooden ceiling, large windows, leather furniture, a dining area with a wooden table and chairs, and decorative rugs on hardwood floors.

Our mission is simple:
to provide care that helps you thrive.

At Scarlet Homecare, we are committed to providing the best NDIS high quality support to people across Adelaide. Our caring and professionally trained clinicians maintain the highest standards of care in everything we do. We are here to ensure that you, or your loved one, receives the level of care that they deserve, in an environment that is personalised, trusted and supportive. In all circumstances, the wellbeing, goals and comfort of our participants are of the utmost importance.

You’re already funded, but are you receiving the care you deserve?

Discover why our clients trust us to provide exceptional care and support.

A leading partner for
support coordinators in Adelaide

Aboslutely delightful to deal with! I’m a support coordinator and I can feel assured that Sobhan has lined up the perfect support worker for my clients. 10 out of 10 times my clients will tell me how great the service was. If you or your client needs support, I’d recommend Scarlet Homecare every day of hte week.

Chee Yong Wong

As a support coordinator I have engaged Scarlet Home Care for the support of several of my clients and have found them to be highly professional, client-focused, caring, extremely reliable and pro-active in their services and supports. I would definitely recommend them going forward, and particularly for clients with complex support needs.

Linda ODoherty

Scarlet Homecare team

You can count on us to stand by your side.

At Scarlet Homecare, our team of experienced Registered and Enrolled nurses is committed to providing exceptional care and support to our clients. We put a large emphasis on tailoring our support to the participant , including providing the best support possible for an individual’s high intensity daily personal activities. Our compassionate clinicians understand the importance of the work that we do and Our participants are treated with the utmost respect and care across all of our services and are committed to building a strong rapport and companionship with the people in our care, ensuring that our clients feel respected, safe and cared for at all times.

We practice transparent pricing. Because you should always know how your funding is being spent.

Discover why our clients trust us to provide exceptional care and support.

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At Scarlet Homecare all of our Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) have 24/7 care with onsite nursing and supervision.

Scarlet Homecare believes that people deserve to have the choice and right to live where they feel most comfortable, close to family and friends. Therefore, we have property across a number of suburbs in South Australia, including close to the city.

Across metropolitan Adelaide, Scarlet Homecare does not charge mileage as an individual’s NDIS funds should only be used for the services we provide to the individual, and not the driving it takes to get to them.

Scarlet Homecare builds a support team for all its participants to ensure that the individual and their family know the people giving the care and nursing will be the same faces all the time.

Scarlet Homecare specialises in complex care, with over 50 years of combined experience across its team of registered nurses. We cover the areas of mental health, community nursing and aged care.

Scarlet Homecare works to support new participants as quickly as possible, so once you have completed our online participant referral form, if necessary, we can start your services within 24 hours.

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A map highlighting the area Scarlet Homecare covers. The map highlights all of Adelaide suburbia from Noarlunga up to Elizabeth.
Kathryn Clifford - Clinical Nurse Coordinator

We provide NDIS services in
Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

We provide NDIS services in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.