Why Choose

Scarlet Homecare?

Scarlet relates to the warmth you can expect from our staff, the passion we bring to assist you to live your best life. The joy that we will share with you and your courage that we will support.

Scarlet. The colour of our hearts. The nature of our care.

Everyone is entitled to receive the best care possible in a comfortable and nurturing environment that will empower them to become an independent, valued member of society. Our mission is to provide care to individuals with needs in the comfort and privacy of a home environment. By incorporating the knowledge and experience of highly trained clinicians with the most up-to-date evidence-based practice, we enhance the well-being of our clients in a respectful, honest and dignified manner.

An elderly woman in a wheelchair embracing a younger woman, likely her daughter or granddaughter, in an outdoor setting surrounded by greenery.

With Scarlet Homecare, quality is assured.

Your well-being, goals and aspirations are important to us. Scarlet Homecare has taken measures to ensure our high-quality services enable choice and control. As well as complying with all regulatory bodies in place we have put the following in place:

  • Robust risk and incident management system
  • Evidence backed medical charts and forms that
optimise participant safety and outcome
  • Regular participant and staff satisfaction/
    feedback survey
  • Specialised and evidence guided staff training program
  • Thorough staff screening process
  • Continuous service improvement
  • Strongly implemented privacy and confidentiality policy

Healthcare professionals, 
committed to you.

Our staff are selected for their experience, their compassion, their commitment to our values and their desire to enhance the lives and increase the independence of our clients. All staff working with participants to provide high intensity supports, are specially trained and assessed against current, evidence-based guidelines, to ensure optimal health outcomes. Our staff seek to constantly expand their knowledge and experience, to continuously improve the support and care that you receive.

Scarlet Homecare team

Sobhan Ahad

Director and Service Co-Ordinator

Sobhan Ahad is the proud co-founder of Scarlet Homecare. As a registered nurse experienced in acute care, mental health care and aged and disability care, he understands the physical, emotional and spiritual needs we all have and is keen to help clients meet those needs.

Sobhan is a previous board member on a tertiary nursing education committee. Through his nursing career, working closely with individuals in a range of settings, with a wide variety of needs, Sobhan recognized the importance of evidence-based care in the community. With over 15 years of business experience and a vision to change the lives of people with disability, Sobhan co-found Scarlet Homecare as an all-inclusive, specialized, support service, that can tailor to the needs of participants, in a dignified environment.

Headshot of Sobhan Ahad - Director and Service Co-Ordinator

Ahad Sabab


Ahad Sabab is a co-founder of Scarlet Homecare. As a doctor working in a tertiary hospital setting, Ahad brings his clinical expertise and a keen eye for detail. He is currently a member of the Scarlet Homecare Clinical Committee and Audit Committee, through which he guides the clinical governance and quality standard of Scarlet Homecare’s services, in order to optimise the care of Participants.

Headshot of Ahad Sabab - Director

Sakila Ekram

Director and Service Co-Ordinator

Sakila Ekram became a co-founder of Scarlet Homecare because of her significant experience working with people with disability in a wide variety of roles. She has been a support worker in the aged and disability sectors and has worked as an assistant nurse. Prior to her work with people with disability, Sakila worked for UNICEF on rural community projects, including community education and water purification.

Through her experience working with disability, Sakila realized that effective community support is an integral part of empowering individuals with disability, to live a fulfilling, independent life. Equipped with this knowledge, Sakila co-found Scarlet Homecare; a service that recognizes that everyone is unique and uses their individuality to deliver supports that will help them to live life in their own terms.

Headshot of Sakila Ekram - Director and service co-ordinator
Headshot of Steve Holmes - Business development manager

Steve Holmes

Business Development Manager

Steve has worked with several South Australian disability service providers across many areas. Steve’s understanding of the disability sector comes from his own firsthand personal experience.

With extensive business management experience across a range of areas, including project management, new business development, sales management, account management, marketing, and financial management Steve brings his own wealth of knowledge to Scarlet Homecare.

Headshot of Kathryn Clifford - Clinical nurse coordinator

Kathryn Clifford

Clinical Nurse Coordinator

Kathryn is a highly experienced registered nurse with extensive clinical leadership skills and post-graduate qualifications in women’s health, primary health care and gerontology.

Working with companies such as Eldercare, Kathryn has gained experience in the areas of clinical coordination, clinical leadership and leadership in dementia care. Kathryn’s excellent communication skills, open mindedness and supportive approach fosters a collaborative environment at Scarlet Homecare. 

Empathic and person-centred, Kathryn enjoys interacting with and supporting Scarlet Homecare participants, ensuring their health and wellbeing are prioritised.

Do you share our passion for 
high-quality disability services?

If you believe that you too can provide high quality support to people with disability, we would love to hear from you.