We know that many people with disability lack confidence. For some, mobility issues can result in difficulty socialising with other people; health issues might mean that the person with disability is concerned about seizures, catheters and ventilators; or feel embarrassed about hygiene if they are not able to take care of that without support.

Our role is to help our clients to meet their goals and to support social connectedness.

We do that by supporting clients with daily needs so that they are confident to face the world! We can work with people who need basic assistance, and we can work with people who have complex needs.

We know that the more socially connected you are the more confident you are likely to feel. The more confident you are the more socially connected you will be!

If you or your loved one wants to start your day with professional, compassionate and experienced staff getting you ready for your day and supporting you in your activities of choice contact us to discuss your needs.

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