Why is quality so important?

As an NDIS service provider, we have a duty of care to the clients we work with.

Sometimes this is a bit like a balancing act. We want our clients to feel safe and to be safe. We want to make sure that physical health and any medical needs are taken care of professionally and safely.

We also want clients to aim for greater independence, try new things, and fulfil their dreams. And we will do whatever we can to support them in this.

Hence the balancing act. Sometimes there are risks attached to greater independence and testing our limits. Sometimes medical conditions increase different risks.

That is why every one of our staff members are trained to support our clients to reach their goals. They are trained to understand safety measures, and to know when to implement them without unnecessarily limiting client choices.

They are supported to get professional advice if needed, and to help clients reach their aspirations.

We have robust and tested quality protocols in place to support staff and clients in the best interest of clients. We are thrilled to see collective Scarlet Homecare skills, experience and commitment result in high quality client services.

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